In Today’s time every thing is online now. Internet make our life is so easy now,
Only use of our phones and laptops we can take many advantages from internet,
like Online Shopping, Ticket booking, Recharges, Bill payments, Online
Transactions, etc. Due to this trend of users towards the internet, businesses are
adopting Digital Marketing.
When we See the status of market 85% shoppers research online before
purchasing any product and service from market. In such situation digital
marketing becomes very important for any company or business.
Digital Marketing is the response to marketing your goods and service through
digital way, with the help of internet. We can connect to it through computer,
phones, laptop, websites and advertisements or any other applications.
With the help of internet we can reach new customers in less time, and keep eye
on their customers activities and needs, what the customers id trending and what
the customer is looking for, all these can be discussed through online Simply
means of Digital marketing reaching customers through digital technology.
Today’s society is struggling with time shortage, every one has their busy life.
Every person is connected to the internet today, they can use it easily at every
place. If we ask someone to meet, they will say i don’t have time but on the social
site, they will have no problem talking to you,Change is the law of life, today
people of all ages are connected to the internet, due to all this is easy to collect all
the people in one place, Which was not possible in first time. Through internet.
We can also establish the connection of all businessman to customers.
The demand of Digital marketing is being seen very strongly in the present time,
The businessman who is making his goods and services is easily passing it on to
the customers, Now goods and services can be sent directly to the customers.
Every person is using Google, facebook, YouTube, etc.

Types of Digital Marketing
SEO (search engine optimisation)- The practice of increasing the quality & quantity of traffic to
your website through organic search engine result. SEO is very important if they want to make
more sale without spending high marketing costs. If you want to be successful in online world,
it is very important to have a well optimized website. One advantage seo against ppc is even if
you stop your activity today, your result won’t stop tomorrow unlike ppc.
SMM (social media marketing)- With the help of social media platforms like Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, we can advertise and sell our product and services.
Email Marketing- Is the process of promoting product and service by sending commercial
emails.(sending a mail to your targeted customers group this is easy and low cost way.)
Content Marketing – Content is king, more fresh content you produce more traffic you gain on
your website.
Affiliate Marketing- Sale someone else product & service and gain commission. (through
online resources).
PPC (Pay Per Click)- The advertisement which you have to pay to see is called pay click
advertising. As it’s being know by its name that money is deducted as soon as it is clicked on.